Tuesday, April 15, 2014

3 Reasons Will Gardner Should Have Stayed on The Good Wife (Not What You Think!)

I make it a habit to avoid hearing about my favorite shows while I'm watching them. You'd think that I'd be like most people - fans that can't seem to get enough, even after watching every behind-the-scenes commentary, vlog and podcast available on the show's main homepage.

And today it usually goes much further. Fans know intimate details about the actors themselves, the ones playing the characters that make these shows so popular. It's as if an actors real life is just another story to fans these days - just another story line that can add to their fulfillment and enjoyment of the show.

I am so different. I do the opposite. I don't want to hear anything about anything when I find a show I really love. For me, it protects the story - protects the characters. I want to fully live in the world that has been written and produced for us. I want to enjoy every sound, movement, costume and line of my favorite shows... and the less I know about what went in to creating that painting, the more easily I can suspend my belief and throw myself wholeheartedly into the story.