Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Ghostbusters Reboot Gets Its Own Reboot: New Cast and Storyline Leaked

The new cast of Ghostbusters joins
new faces with the familiar. (Pictured:
Latifah, McCarthy, Skarsgard and Bialik)
The new Ghostbusters reboot is about to start filming - again. Filming did begin last year, but was quickly scrapped and for a while there, it looked as if the project would never come back to life.

Not so.

Sources have now confirmed a final new cast along with a great new script. All of this is wonderful news to my ears, as this reboot has seen more scramblings than a good game of musical chairs.

The sources, from a number of camps from within the project itself, have all confirmed that this is the last change, and I can see why. Usually movies grow weak and unstable when their foundations take so long to form, but in this case, its worked in the franchise's favor.

Monday, November 30, 2015 Modern Day Slavery

Cyber-Slavery at
extends beyond warehouse locations
It's cyber-Monday, but if you're anything like I once was, you've already purchased more than a few gifts for this season from by now.

And why not? They seem like a great company, right? They deliver things quickly, they have the best prices and if something goes wrong, they fix it, right?


There is something seriously up with the news agencies in the United States. They report Amazon's response's to claims of slave conditions, but not the claims themselves, nor have they bothered to work the story that hard.

Then again, American news outlets are owned by a handful of names, and those names make more money off of us if we don't know about modern day slave conditions than if we do.

But that's where I come in. And that's where news programs like the BBC's Panorama come in

Monday, November 2, 2015

One to Watch: Parris Goebel

Parris & her crew in the record-breaking "Sorry" video
Over the weekend, Billboard 200 announced that history was written last week. Adele's new Hello video broke YouTube viewing records, nearly doubling the number of views Taylor Swift snatched when she broke YouTube viewing records earlier this year with her ridiculously amazing Bad Blood video.

And as much as I love Adele, the video I was replaying all week, both online and in my head, was not her Hello video, but the other video Billboard wrote about in their announcement: Justin Beiber's Sorry video.

That's right. I said Justin Bieber. I'm kind of mad about that. I can't stand the guy. Ever since he wrote those awful things in the Anne Frank Museum guestbook, I've crossed him off as worse than a Nissy. Something much worse. But he's not in the video. Nope.

So how did it break records anyway?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Real Reason No One Saw 'Pan'

Logo for the movie Pan:
Can you tell what it's about?
I didn't see Pan

Did you see Pan? No. You didn't. Because you, like me, didn't even know there was a movie called Pan out there. Let's talk, shall we? Let's learn about Warner Bros bombing at the box office and about movies called Pan...

Me: Have you heard of the movie 'Pan'?

You: You mean that dark otherworldly Oscar winning movie of 2006? Pan's Labyrinth** or something? Is it a follow-up to that?

Monday, August 31, 2015

Macklemore is Back: Will He Change Us Again?

Ryan Lewis and Macklemore (Ben Haggerty)
The last time we heard from the Ryan Lewis and Macklemore team, we were left with inspiring messages of not just hope, but the rewards of courage, compassion and hard work. Sobriety has never before been painted in such an amazing array of colors.

It made the rest of us working jocks and slaving artists feel better about having a job, keeping a budget and laughing at ridiculous marketing plays for not just our wallet, but our souls.

Instead, we wanted to jump out of a window with them, feel the rush of the cold fast wind blowing past our faces, and revel in the fact that we could feel that wind with every pore - taste it with every taste bud and embrace it fully into the depths of our hearts because we weren't high. We weren't drunk. We weren't shackled.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Elisabeth Moss: The Scientologist at Your Daughter's Graduation

Why You Don't Want Elisabeth Moss at the
Acting Academy's Graduation
Elisabeth Moss is beautiful. Talented. Truly gifted. And up until a few nights ago, one of my favorite young stars of Hollywood by far. In fact, I'd just watched The One I Love because of her, and found myself basking in the glow of... well... the fact that it made sense.

And was well written.
And told a great story.
And made you think.

And as far as I was concerned, the fact that Ms. Moss outshone her co-star in nearly every way was something I was more than happy to neglect and declare it as one of the best movies an all-American cast (let's face it - our best young faces these days are sexy imports from countries that don't raise their kids on the Disney channel) has released in years.

Usually, I'm simply happy that a movie made sense. That first check-mark is all I'm looking for these days. (Aren't you?)

But alas, I won't be watching another Moss movie. As a victim of severe child abuse, I am careful about placing my hard-earned dollar in the coffer of those who fund and protect all forms of it- like human trafficking, pedophilia, malnutrition, intense labor and any other kind of child slavery and neglect.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Beyond 'Going Clear': The Terrors of the David Miscavige Family

Picking up where Going Clear left off:
The David Miscavige Family
While Going Clear is "going global" for its enormous revelations about Scientology, the real scandal is just how much Going Clear didn't tell you.

Be it time limits, legal limits, or financial limits, the bottom line is that Alex Gibney had a four hour documentary when he made his first cut... and we only saw the 2 hour version. No wonder those of us who already knew Scientology inside and out walked away feeling like it only covered half of the story.

As one expert wrote, when asked if things were "really that bad," they responded,"Oh, it could have been much much worse. Imagine every story, make it twice as scary, and then you'd been just a hair closer to how it actually happened."

And so, in honor of that sentiment, we've decided write for you a series of shocking articles that pick up where Going Clear left off.  A sort of one-stop-shop, if you will, that will introduce you to a myriad of names and references you will hear along the way as you Google yourself into Scientology oblivion. It can be daunting, but these quick articles should get you started on the path to expert with ease and grace.

Are you ready for this? Then let's begin.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Leonard Nimoy: What We Lost and Now Mourn

Today we lost Leonard Nimoy. Which is a lot more than one might think. We lost a generation, a hope and a kind of hero that we have nowhere... not even on the famous Marvel movie screens.

No... we lost a lot more than a man today.
We lost a hero.

A hero who stood for humanity and civilization - two such things we never thought would part - never thought would go - but go they are... they are so far off in the distance, that Nimoy is now closer to his true home.

I envy him. I want to be up in those stars - up with him tonight. I want to shake the hands he'll shake - of the men and women who came before and shaped an entire generation of adventurers, enthusiasts for life and freedom fighters who just knew what was right - knew what to do - with laughter and less fear.