Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Ghostbusters Reboot Gets Its Own Reboot: New Cast and Storyline Leaked

The new cast of Ghostbusters joins
new faces with the familiar. (Pictured:
Latifah, McCarthy, Skarsgard and Bialik)
The new Ghostbusters reboot is about to start filming - again. Filming did begin last year, but was quickly scrapped and for a while there, it looked as if the project would never come back to life.

Not so.

Sources have now confirmed a final new cast along with a great new script. All of this is wonderful news to my ears, as this reboot has seen more scramblings than a good game of musical chairs.

The sources, from a number of camps from within the project itself, have all confirmed that this is the last change, and I can see why. Usually movies grow weak and unstable when their foundations take so long to form, but in this case, its worked in the franchise's favor.