Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Death of the Red Carpet: Why Its Creator is Leaving the RCFA's

An RCFA photo by Kallon
featuring Chanel & Uma Thurman
This article originates from Whatever is Lovely...

You probably don't know who Catherine Kallon is, but you do know her work. Everyone does. No matter what Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour and Diana Von Furstenburg say.

They're going to miss her the most. They just don't know it yet.

Because Kallon is the one woman force that is the Red Carpet Fashion Awards - and she's shutting the whole site down. And when I mean down... I mean down. As in - you'll never see, read or view anything she's ever posted again.

Because she's hasn't quit writing. She's quit completely. On January 14th, the whole site goes black. As in dark... pitch dark.

I know what that means, but I get the distinct impression that no one else does, because if they did, they'd be freaking out. Big time.

The Impact

Right now, when you Google the terms "chanel," "couture," and "red carpet" in an attempt to see what Lagerfeld's designs look like in real life, or to get a closer look at them, or to see how they look in a more 'ready-to-wear' state... you'll find that 90% of the photos Google pulls up are those of Kallon's creation.