Friday, February 27, 2015

Leonard Nimoy: What We Lost and Now Mourn

Today we lost Leonard Nimoy. Which is a lot more than one might think. We lost a generation, a hope and a kind of hero that we have nowhere... not even on the famous Marvel movie screens.

No... we lost a lot more than a man today.
We lost a hero.

A hero who stood for humanity and civilization - two such things we never thought would part - never thought would go - but go they are... they are so far off in the distance, that Nimoy is now closer to his true home.

I envy him. I want to be up in those stars - up with him tonight. I want to shake the hands he'll shake - of the men and women who came before and shaped an entire generation of adventurers, enthusiasts for life and freedom fighters who just knew what was right - knew what to do - with laughter and less fear.